Marion Cotillard Continues to Be a Lady Dior Ambassador for Cruise 2016

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Although Dior is currently dealing with some unexpected changes, as Raf Simons steps down as the creative director of the French fashion house, one of the brand’s most iconic faces has never stopped playing her role as a Lady Dior Ambassador: Marion Cotillard. The French Academy-Award-winning actress, whose role as Lady Macbeth is going to come out in France on November 18, has been an ambassador and Dior house muse since 2008, being thus part of the French house’s list of charming muses, including Charlize Theron, Mila Kunis and Jennifer Lawrence. Besides Lady Macbeth, Cotillard is mainly famous for having played Edith Piaf in La Vie en Rose (2007),Inception (2010) and The Dark Knight Rises (2012).

Marion Cotillard for Lady Dior Cruise 2016 Campaign

Skillfully captured by photographer duo Mert & Marcus (renowned for their collaborations with glamorous magazines such as Vogue Paris and Vanity Fair and Fashion Houses, such as Miu Miu and Louis Vuitton), Marion Cotillard returns as the face of Lady Dior for the brand’s cruise 2016 campaign with a more sensual and almost mystical look. In the two pictures that the brand has recently released, Cotillard is captured in an intimate setting, lying on a luxurious bed covered with dusky blue satin sheets. Donning a form-fitting black dress adorned with a geometric décolleté from thebrand’s cruise 2016 collection (one of the last to be designed by former creative director Raf Simons), the 40-year-old French actress shows off both the scarlet red Lady Dior Carmine handbag and the new-era bronze Metallic Cannage, the tonalities of which stand out against the cold backdrop.

Created in 1994, Lady Dior’s quilted patterns have been inspired by the Napoleon II chairs and became internationally renowned in 1995, after Princess Diana began carrying her Lady Dior almost everywhere she made an appearance.

Marion Cotillard, who absolutely smolders in this role, matches the sensually mysterious look with smokey eye makeup and a retro-inspired hairdo, which turn her into a Roaring Twenties diva. The perfectly balanced shots reveal Cotillard’s ability to make everything look so delicate and sophisticated that we almost forget this is an advertisement campaign and not an intimate, personal shot.

Although Cotillard’s collaboration with Dior may be regarded as more traditional, the French label has never been afraid of experimenting with other kinds of talents and personalities. Breaking off with its traditions, Dior has recently collaborated with Rihanna, giving the Barbadian singer the role as the new “Secret Garden IV” collection’s muse.

Beautiful as always, Marine Cotillard’s long-life collaboration with Dior is always a pleasure to watch. You can also discover the making-of video of the campaign on DiorTV.

Marion Cotillard for Lady Dior Cruise 2016 Campaign

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You know when the Chanel Classic Flap Bag is too expensive and you’re looking for an alternative but discovered that the Chanel Easy Caviar Flap Bag is sold-out, or no longer in production.

That sucks!

But we have some great news. Those that are still on shopping-spree in Europe, the Chanel Easy Caviar Flap Bag was spotted in Paris last week. Here’s a message from Kimbetly

‘Yes, its still available in Europe. I just bought the small black Chanel easy flap bag in Paris during the fashion week but the Chanel stores were cleaned out. I found it at the Chanel store in Galleries Lafayette. The price was 2460 euros (VAT Tax refund 410 euros)! I wanted silver hardware but they didn’t have it but the bag is beautiful!’.

What’s so special about this bag?

Well from the design perspective, the Easy Caviar bag looks the closest to the iconic Classic Flap Bag without the huge price tag.

So what do you think?


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Tod’s: Italian Notes

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To put it as simply as possible, Tod’s new project, Italian Notes is the Italy-centric equivalent to say, Lonely Planet’s city guides but with a twist. Featuring recommendations from Italian style icons, it’s a condensed city-by-city guide, with specific must-visits and must-dos all written from a first-person perspective.

Take, for example, Milan’s Guglielmo Miani, a born-and-bred Milanese who is now the chairman of Associazione della Via MonteNapoleone. He recommends taking breakfast at Camparino, the historic ‘in and out’ bar, perfect for a stand-up breakfast in true Milanese style where it hasn’t changed for 100 years. Or Como’s Maria Mantero who suggests visiting the gem of a theatre Teatro Sociale, a trip to the Fabrics Museum and Cremeria Bolla, a pastry shop with ice-cream that ‘blows your mind’.

Perfect for first-time travellers to Italy, or even those who have been there before but missed out on the more culturally interesting sights, Tod’s Italian Notes starts each city as a chapter, with cities Milan, Venice and Como already published online. You can even download them as e-books, an additional feature that will be launched soon, which means you can have your very own copy saved as a PDF file, or read them viaiBooks or Google Play.

In other words, have a read before your next trip to Italy because who wouldn’t appreciate travel tips from the Italians themselves, right?

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Gucci Cruise 2016 GG Blooms Tote

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If you have seen any of Alessandro Michele creations as far as Cruise 2016 Mens Gucci collection is concerned, it’s a joyous riot of bold colours and quirky details, from Oriental tigers to rainbows to little bees appearing on everything from coats to blazers to shoes. And then there are these, an extension of the GG Blooms collection, but for boys.

Featuring a lush geranium floral pattern in different hues of greens and creams on the GG coated-canvas, you could say it’s Michele’s way of including the guys, which besides the tote (shown above) that comes with an additional shoulder sling, lined interiors and a roomy zip pocket in the middle, will also appear on a range of SLGs and footwear as well.


And speaking of SLGs, here’s the zip pouch that comes with a detachable sling. The good? It’s so pretty. The bad? It’s a tad slim for my taste but for those who have nothing much to carry around and intend to use it as a bag charm of sorts will find it most alluring.

Priced at SGD2600 and SGD730 respectively for both pieces, these, along with a smattering of bags and shoes from the Cruise 2016 collection, will be available at Gucci boutiques in Singapore from tomorrow (11 September 2015). In other words, it’s time to shop.

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Louis Vuitton


For style ideas, we turn to lookbooks…and we are ever-grateful for the kind of inspiration they give. So allow us to take you in for a spin while one of our favorite brands, Louis Vuitton, comes up with their own for Spring Summer 2016! Drool-worthy couture is everything for the budding fashionista, and trust us – we’re making notes of our own!

The over-all color palette for this lookbook may reflect a more subdued, neutral take but you can never mess with the basics! And of course, the luxury brand knows this fact very well…keeping it all under control. Still basic, but with attitude.

The Louis Vuitton Lookbook for Spring Summer 2016 was shot by the visionary Jurgen Teller, under natural lighting and with models posing in the studio behind glass – reflecting the sun, sights and Paris sky. There is no perfect background other than this, and the attention to detail on this lookbook is really obvious. We’re seeing some fashion-forward bags and footwear (have you seen the Twist Chain bag?)…actually, we’re just dying to get our hands on the pieces from this lookbook. So, any thoughts on this? Comment now!
































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Just Can’t Get Enough: Demi Lovato and Her Céline Luggage Totes

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