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Photo: Pixabay
Photo: Pixabay

The world of fashion has changed and it’s no longer the top design houses in London, Paris, Milan or New York people turn to when they want to know what they should be wearing this season.

Fashion forecasters and bloggers can have more influence, but who actually decides what will be fashionable this year? Also, how influential are fashions and trends in areas other than the clothes industry?


Who Decides What Is Fashionable?

‘Crystal Ball/Glaskugel’ – Christian Schnettelker via Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

When top fashion houses release a new collection, they have the power of online influencers and forecasters to help them get it into the public domain. Many of the influencers are celebrities who can have many millions of followers on social media. The forecasters follow trends and try to fathom what will be fashionable next year and beyond. The fashion houses use the services of both to try and be the one who comes out on top in the fashion world.


Clothes are not the only area where things go in and out of fashion. Online slots can be fashionable, as can adventure games and the platforms they are played on. For example, Mermaid’s Diamond and Pink Elephants were chosen by SlotsOnlineCanada as two of the top 5 most fashionable slots – both in terms of appeal and of graphics. In the area of consoles, things are similar. One month the Xbox will outsell the PlayStation, and the next it can be the other way round. The digital devices that online casinos are played on can be just the same, although overall it seems that iPhones are leading the fashion in smartphones at the moment.


Household fashions change all the time. You will know from visiting other people’s houses how different furniture, curtains, and accessories can be. This is not just because of personal taste but because the retailers change what they are selling as the fashions in household goods change.

Homes used to be very cluttered, with walls full of pictures and every little bit of floor space used. These days the fashion is to have a cleaner and sharper feel to your rooms, with much less in them. Even with the items of furniture you do buy, fashions alter all the time.

Who Decides What Is Fashionable?

‘memories of the Sixties’ – Paul Townsend via Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)


We all have some sort of technology, whether in our homes or at work. There are our computers and other digital devices, just for starters, and then things like TVs and other electrical items. Some of them may be old technology by today’s standards, but they are technology non-the less. New innovations are being produced by developers every day, and as soon as something proves to be very useful or relaxing for users, it does not take long for it to become fashionable. The problem with technology is that it’s evolving at such a pace that often products are at the front of the field for a very short time as something new quickly surpasses them.


Who Decides What Is Fashionable?

‘Where All The Cool Trends Come From’ – Alan Levine via Flickr (CC0 1.0)

Fashions in all parts of our lives have altered beyond what we could have imagined just a few years ago. Look at music, films, or jewelry from a few years ago and it will all seem very dated. Although some things occasionally come back into fashion, most things seem to be changing as often as our moods. That could be because marketers and producers watch out for the mood of the public, and pitch their sales promotions to suit them.

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