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Cold weather, people caught off guard, Gigi hadid, Heidi klum and other actress have good equipment, and winter boots to wear in respect! Today we’ll take a look at European and American actress in the end what to wear shoes for the winter, both beautiful people and not frozen, boots, and ankle boots, thin heel boots all are out, you want a warm and chic winter do that actress who came to shoes it!




Cold winter days, warm and chic boots of course is indispensable, Gigi Hadid fashion circles as top model, color value and great legs height can better cope with this boots. The sheepskin boots from Stuart weitzman, full texture, gigi wearing a sweater and boots valentino color and texture are very coordinated. Coupled with retro sunglasses and ball head, the girls have a sense of femininity, absolutely out!

34Actress big open shoe winter war
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley leather with leather pants with a very rock range of children, there is a golden ornament on leather and handbags, reducing black dull sense. Most feel that these boots on her feet, with the design is very special, it really is Giuseppe ZAnotti produced, fashion sense.



Heidi klum, still remember that on Runway Heidi sexy it? Because she’s routine is so casual, jeans and ankle boots, athletic young hole jeans feel a sense of vitality and well balanced boots, shoes from rag bone, their family focus is modern and understated solid temperament to wear, very suitable for Heidi personality thing.



Gigi came sorts of stuff it! Do the old brown leather and jeans, flat shoes with big legs can hold live this style. Oxford shoes must be worn rolled up trouser legs, hair is more Meng Meng, and the leather Oxford shoes and bring a different style.



Gigi This one is simply a beauty cry! Oversize light blue windbreaker gigi still live with flat boots hold, shoes from sol sana, zipper shoes designed to increase the trace of punk minimalist sense, subtly make the shoes look old and simple.



Olivia palermo black boots both ordinary and not ordinary, style seems to be filled, but they look very different from the kind of boots from Isabel marant exquisite upscale feel, can help people set off temperament very well, but also very suitable Olivia aristocratic temperament.



Taylor, a black is not common, the atmosphere in the winter but also summer girl wrapped dense mass, and even so, she was still not stop girls temperament, this style is selected and ankle boots fine with PRADA, had giant height plus the high-heeled shoes is really full of momentum ah!





Handsome Hailey baldwin also chose black styling! But that this style is not dull, but was very cute Hailey tails, clothes and shoes straps are also very ride, this one can be seen in H ah Hailey with skill deep friends.



Vanessa hudgens with rare national wind coming, pointed high-heeled boots in the shape to add fashion sense, but also a pair of boots from Isabel marant.



Finally there is light tan boots appear you, this one is light tan boots Yves Saint Laurent, seemingly with the brand style is not very ride, but as a classic camel color has always loved fashion circles, although it did not say with black so easy, but two styling is good!

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