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The first review of this year goes to…the Celine Phantom bag replica! A fellow reader of the blog asked me the other day if this bag is a long lasting trend bag and the answer is definitely yes!

Celine Phantom Bag Replica Review

I think that replica Celine handbags will be a huge thing in 2016 too, so keep the reviews coming! We’ll also review, a replica site you’ve probably heard of.

When my friend sent me her Celine Phantom replica review, the site domain was but the domain was changed to in the meanwhile. Many of you have asked me about this replica bags site lately and this is the perfect occasion to learn more about their services and the quality of the replica bags they offer.

Celine Phantom Bag Replica Review

“Hello Eva,

Here’s my Celine Phantom in the smooth leather review from! There are more pictures to follow.

Customer Service: Great! Jessica is very attentive and helpful.

Shipping: Super duper fast!! – I sent my payment on Friday the 27th which was Saturday in China and since post office isn’t shipping on weekends, my order was shipped on Monday and I received it yesterday December 3rd!! which was super amazing :)

The bag: I love the colour. Love the look. Love the smooth leather.

The front logo is crooked, the letters are a bit big I think and sits a bit lower than the authentic. What do you think?
The inside logo is fine.
The stitching seems pretty good overall (believe me I checked the stitches meticulously lol!) except for the one on the right corner where it’s a bit sloppy.
The leather on one side of the wing as you can see have creases. Not sure if that’s normal?
The handles are the right size. I can’t carry it on my shoulder which indicates good right?
The inside is suede (or their version of suede which is good enough) in the same color of the bag.


How do I soften the leather more? The front and the back of the bag are the stiff part. Very sturdy. Almost feel like the GST CC bag. Do I make sense? Obviously that’ll stay sturdy since it’s the body of the bag no? Is it even supposed to be stiff? Do you recommend I bend the bag or will it create more crease?

How do I get rid of the crease on the sides?

Overall, I am happy with the bag. I guess I’m just overwhelmed of how big it is. I think it’s a tad too big for my taste because I find the bag too stiff. If it was slouchy like my other big bags, it’s ok. As you can see from the pictures it is a beautiful bag over all. The leather is soft especially the soft part which is the wings.

Please let me know what you think of this bag.

Again, a million thanks for all your help and guidance :)


Celine Phantom Replica Photo Of The Back

Celine Phantom Replica Seen From The Back

Celine Phantom Replica Photo of The Side

Celine Phantom Replica Viewed From The Side

Celine Phantom Bag Replica Celine “Paris” logo on the front

Celine Phantom Bag Replica Logo Stamp Zoom

Celine Phantom Replica Handles Support

Celine Phantom Replica Zoom Of The Handle Tabs

Celine Phantom Replica Exterior Pocket

Celine Phantom Replica A Closer Look At The Front Pocket

Celine Phantom Bag Replica Inside View

Celine Phantom Bag Replica – A Look At The Interior

Celine Phantom Bag Replica Made in Italy Stamp

Celine Phantom Bag Replica Interior Stamp Zoom

Celine Phantom Suede Interior

Celine Phantom Replica Color Of The Interior

I’ll have to admit, their shipping time was impressively fast! And I was also really glad to hear they offer good customer service.

Now more about the Celine Phantom replica! My friend already pointed out most of the flaws and the good things about this bag. The color is lovely indeed and not very easy to find but she was right about the front logo being crooked. I would also add that the handle tabs should be a bit wider (so that they offer better support for a large bag like this) and that the color of the lining should have a darker color, more like dark tan. The interior of this Celine Phantom bag replica is a bit orange-y or at least that’s how it looks like from the photos.

The Phantom should get slouchier with wear even though the leather they used is not as soft as the genuine. But if you want to speed up the softening process, you can also use some moisturizing cream and that should help with the creases on the sides too.

My friend asked me to share with you girls that she wants to sell her Celine Phantom bag replica because even though she thinks the bag is really nice, it is too big for her taste, just like she mentioned in her review. You already know what’s good and what’s not so good about this bag, so if you’re interested in buying it, you can leave a comment here so that my friends sees it.

What is the first replica bag you are planning to buy in 2016?

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