4 Outstanding and Revolutionary Women by their 30s

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There are many successful ladies out there and it is the younger ones that we should look out for. I look to Emma Watson, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen and Lauren Conrad for their success on many levels by their 30s. Here are some of the many qualities of theirs worth emulating.

In my nervousness for this speech and my moments of doubt, I’ve told myself firmly, ‘If not me, who? If not now, when?’ – Emma Watson

Emma Watson

Emma Watson_Inspiring Woman

Emma Watson is a source of stylish inspiration for every woman. Before age 30, she has fronted numerous campaigns, appeared on the silver screen, graduated from an Ivy League school, and has lived life in the spotlight since age 9. Recently, she used her star power to uplift women as she serves as an advocate for UN Women’s HeForShe campaign promoting gender equality.

  • Be Dedicated.

Emma has proven time and again that dedication is the key to success. She went through eight lengthy auditions before she won the role of Hermoine for the Harry Potter movie franchise. Most success stories don’t happen overnight–even if they look like they did. Have commitment to any endeavor and you might just see success!

  • Don’t Compromise.

Emma didn’t settle when it came to movie roles or education. She did her research before taking up roles, as well as before she attended Brown University–an Ivy League college in U.S. when she had limitless options. Her success didn’t come knocking. She understood who she was as an individual and strived towards that. Choose carefully, do the research and make informed decisions!

  • Stand for what you believe in.

Emma is a star in reel life, as well as in her personal life. Standing for her beliefs, she was appointed as a UN Women Goodwill Ambassador in July 2014 and helped launch the UN Women campaign HeForShe, which calls for men to advocate gender equality. She placed number 26 on the TIME 100 list of the world’s most influential people this year. Fight for your rights and beliefs!Emma Watson_SKUsInspired by Emma Watson’s personal style, these accessories will definitely add a little of her British sensibilities to your outfit. Shop these.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

Twin power reigns when it comes to the Olsens. The great minds behind fashion labels The Row, Elizabeth and James, Olsenboye and StyleMint are none other than Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. Fronting the film and fashion industry, these ladies have come a long way since they were child stars and fashion icons for oversized sunglasses, boots, loose sweaters, and flowing skirts. Two is better than one when it comes to building a global fashion empire.

  • Work through adversity.

The designer duo faced a large amount of criticism from fashion insiders at the start of their careers; many deemed the former actresses to be dabbling in the profession for fun. Yet, more than 10 years later, The Row is a internationally-successful label with a large fan following. Work through the initial difficulties like the Olsens and you’ll see success come to you in many forms.

  • Do what you love.

Being child stars since 9 months old and successful businesswomen at age 13 could have set the girls on a comfortable early retirement. Yet, the girls made the career change and took on their roles as fashion designers seriously to achieve CFDA awards and an international presence. They sit pretty these days with an admirable portfolio. They’ve come a long way since, but it’s passion that drives them. Do what makes you happy.

  • Study and know your craft.

Finding massive success was not an overnight win or because of their celebrity status. The Row flourished under the Olsens’ leadership simply because the girls were fully committed to the process of producing the line. Be involved with your craft and hone your strengths, like they didOlsen Twins_SKUs
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Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad_Inspiring Woman

Lauren Conrad is living proof that if you work hard to achieve your goals, you can get everything you always wished for, and more. Rising from “Laguna Beach” and “Hills” fame, Lauren is now an entrepreneur who runs several clothing lines, web sites and a book franchise. Her candid style has also made her a hot favourite on fashion sites and style inspirations.

  • Make your own rules.

When she first got rejected by MTV for a show surrounding her clothing line–Paper Crown, Lauren didn’t let the disappointment bring her down. Instead, she leveraged on social media and other channels to get the word out. Today, her brand is a success. Transform your setbacks into opportunities and you might be pleasantly surprised.

  • Stay classy.

We remember Lauren from her reality tv shows, and one of the ultimate lessons to learn from her is she ability to stay classy. You will never see her acting out in public or being anything less than her lady. In fact, she could very well be a modern day Audrey Hepburn–perfect to model after. Don’t let the circumstances get you down.

  • Dress for success.

Lauren Conrad is, obviously, stylish. She can definitely wear anything and make it look good. Staying true to her personal style while incorporating trends, Lauren is set for success. Style your wardrobe to prepare yourself for any stylish opportunities.

Lauren Conrad_SKUs
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Like these inspirational ladies who achieved so much before turning 30, emulate their style and inculcate some of their endearing qualities for early success.

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