10 Party Little Black Dresses to Dance the Night Away

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Have the parties started with your company yet? As the holidays get nearer and the works becomes more stressful, while you try to do as much as possible in a short span of time to finish up the year with a bang, it becomes imperative for you to look great at the next office party, where you can kick back your feet and relax for a night, while you still have fun and possibly dance the night away. Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Hanukkah and Winter Solstice along with any others that might meet one’s fancy… The parties are almost daily, the nights are filled with fun, and come December 24th, 25th, and 31st, there is not a single home that will not be rejoicing, full of laughter and song, happy chatter and bright plans made for the future while a lot of drink is drunk and the meals are certainly to be had.

Party Little Black Dresses To Shop

In all of this, there is a special need for the little black dress that will enhance curves while hiding imperfections, slimming you out while elongating your figure. As such, we have put together a nice list of some of the loveliest party little black dresses you can invest in as you strive to look your best for the days and nights spent celebrating anything and everything, whatever your heart may desire.

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#1: The Romantic Ballerina Little Black Dress

If you love tulle and ballooning skirts, this is the right one for you. It has a swooping back, leaving it exposed and sexy, with short sleeves and a hem reaching mid-thigh. It is a youthful dress with a velvet top and fun petticoat, with an edgy effect to it. Beautiful it certainly is, while still modest enough and would go really well with sheer tights and half boots for a rocker-chic design.

Party Little Black Dresses To Shop

#2: The Killer Victorian Lace Little Black Dress

Sexy dresses are all the rage for a holiday party where you plan to drink, flirt and dance, perhaps not in that order. So what is sexier than lace on sculptured fabric, a semi-transparent back and short hem to a bell skirt included? It is sleeveless, high-necked and rather futuristic, this dress looking especially appealing with thigh high black velvet boots. We cannot help but covet the little black dress that is sure to have those around you feeling a magnetic pull as they wander closer and closer. Shop this gorgeous piece

Party Little Black Dresses To Shop

#3: Asymmetric Skirt LBD

Unlined and with a back button closure, this tiny little dress from Revolve is gorgeous and with a raw, sexy effect. It immediately has Jane of the Jungle pop into mind, with the asymmetric skirts, the simplicity and gently cinched waist, bare shoulders and bare legs, the neckline high but with the right amount of swoop. Golden sandals and accessories would most probably complete this look. Revolve Clothing is the retailer of this minimalist, yet modern piece.

Party Little Black Dresses To Shop

#4: Topshop Kendall + Kylie Cut-Out LBD

If the Kardashian’s sexy half-sisters had not caught your attention yet, we are sure they will with the black cut-out dress by the model celebrities, though it might be appealing to all. Get tis limited edition LBD at Topshop!

Party Little Black Dresses To Shop

#5: Night Skater Dress

This rather affordable off-the-shoulder little black dress is perfect for those, who have very little to spend but want to look great! The style is what caught our eye, as off-the-shoulder is coming majorly into style in 2016, the short hem allows for lots of leg to be shown off, and the A-line pleated skirts allow for accentuation at the waist and a leaner body shown off overall. We love it, and for that amount, we might buy a red version as well! The open midriff thing is really cool and in line with 2015 aspects, the layered skirts and industrial design somehow transcending into another season, the shoulders and neckline appealing for those getting ready for 2016. It is a sleek silhouette with daring cutouts in front and back, bringing in the LA lifestyle with gusto and you can buy one for you.

Party Little Black Dresses To Shop

#6: Romantic Plunge-Neck Little Black Dress

At ASOS, there is a gorgeous little black dress that is all about the sheer blouson, the woven fabrics, the lined main and velvet trims. There is a keyhole button back, a fitted waistband in velvet and it is frilly and airy, swirling around the thighs. The best part though is that high neckline coupled with a deep plunge, something that effectively screams sexy but individualistic, stylish but charming all at the same time. It is well worth the money spent.

Party Little Black Dresses To Shop

#7: The Boho-Chic Little Black Dress

The coming season will have a whole lot of sleepwear as outerwear designs, which is where the baby-doll slip of a dress with interesting textures from Free People comes in. It is a twist on the classic and the skirt has extra swing to it, with a sweet print and lace edgings, the hem in of itself uneven as it falls in lower at the back. You can wear it alone or paired with whatever you wish, the swooping neckline coming down low enough as well to show off the cleavage mercilessly. Buy it now on Free People’s website!

Party Little Black Dresses To Shop

#8: The Feminine and Elegant LBD

The lace sleeved and lace backed fit and flare dress available at Nordstrom comes in all sizes and a few different colors and looks perfect to wear to that holiday party where you want to look chic but fun, mysterious and almost conservative, with a little bit of spice added on. Short hems, half sleeves and gorgeous lace embroideries give this dress its major appeal.

Party Little Black Dresses To Shop

#9: The Slip LBD

While some of the more affordable pieces were quite lovely, the Jenner sisters’ piece among them at 60$ USD, it is the major designer looks that really get our blood boiling. BCBG has long been a favorite for little black dresses and they certainly have more to offer, including a fully lined, 68% lace piece with contrast paneling, a hidden zipper in the back, knife pleated details, and swinging skirts that would you feel as good as you look. 

Party Little Black Dresses To Shop

#10: Embellished Knitted Little Black Dress

Off-the-shoulder and with a close fitting body, the knitted dress by Alexander McQueen has something distinctly Scottish about it, with the patterning resembling that of plaid. This dress is a figure-flattering piece with a white boucle finish. It has elegance and c lass while still being fun and flirty, the open décolletage made up for with the flaring of fluted skirt.

Party Little Black Dresses To Shop

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