XL Bags: 3 Ways to Style Them

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Independent ladies out there, I get it – clutches and purses just don’t cut it anymore. It’s one thing to pick an outfit, but it’s a whole other matter when it comes to deciding which items you have to sacrifice out of your bag. Suddenly, you’re stressing out over making the choice between your portable phone charger and cosmetic case, or your jumper and umbrella. Well, why make things difficult for yourself when there’s an entire world of oversized carryalls waiting for you?

Whether you’re a feminine, boho-chic, or sporty kind of girl, we’ve got just the perfect oversized bags to fit every one of your lifestyle’s essentials!

1) The Polished Sophisticate
With your elegant and ladylike style, having a convenient oversized bag isn’t an excuse to scrimp on glamour. Your cosmetic touch-ups or your silk shawl is just a dip of a hand away in the classic and iconic Large Lady Dior.

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2) Bohemian Wanderluster
Let yourself chase your worldly adventures unhindered with the Chloé Marcie Large Handbag. It doesn’t just have enough space to fit your travel diary – it’s enough to store all your experiences!

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3) Sports Luxe Girl
Your straightforward personality and style means you need a fuss-free (and hands-free) bag that lets you find the things you need when you need them. Stash away your essentials with the sporty MCM Stark Large Backpack!

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