Brand Personas – Part II

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What does your favourite luxury brand say about you? This edition, we look at Givenchy lovers, Mulberry ladies, Balenciaga fashionistas and Saint Laurent femmes.

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The Balenciaga fashionista loves her hardware and structure, much like the power woman she aspires to be. She loves bold lines much like the other pieces in her wardrobe; you’ll find structured coats and defined heels in a Balenciaga lady’s wardrobe.

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Fashion-forward stylistas would definitely have a Mulberry satchel or two in her wardrobe. She’s either inspired by Mulberry girls Alexa Chung and Cara Delevingne or loves understated, classic styles. A small logo–embosssed, engraved or cut out, speaks volume for any Mulberry lover because they know a timeless brand when they see it.

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Demonstrating the best of French luxe chic is none other than Saint Laurent. Whether she’s a fan of Saint Laurent before Hedi Slimane or after, she knows a quality investment when she sees it. She loves the iconic YSL interwoven logo, as well as the Y logo, and you might just find her initials on everything she own. The Saint Laurent girl loves her letters.

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A Givenchy girl is often on the fence; she cannot decide if she likes the Antigona’s structure or the Nightingale’s smooth and supple leather better for the weekends. She loves monochrome outfits that you’ll often find her in a style she can distinctively call it her own. She’ll never steer away from Givenchy, if she can help it.

And there you have it! Another 4 brands to add to Prada, Céline, Burberry and Chanel’s personas. Share with me what other brands you’d like to see and it might just make it on our next Brand Personas edition.

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