PurseForum Roundup – November 13

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Happy Friday, Roundup readers. Friday the 13th is never unlucky when there are purses and shoes to enjoy over at the PurseForum, right? And indeed, you are in luck, because this week, Mulberry, Dior and the Jewelry Box topped our list of stops. Of course, there is always more, so get comfortable!


We stopped off in Mulberry this week after a long absence and found this pretty Bayswater had arrived just in time to cheer up an under-the-weather Izzy48. Jackiepoon is considering a Bayswater purchase this month, and the Should I Buy a Bayswater thread is a pretty good primer if you are considering a purchase, too. Our members are always ready to lend a hand when it comes to a bag purchase, and we love them for it.


Also in Mulberry, Loulibelle had a little something different to share from the brand, and while it is not a purse, it still put a smile on our faces. Cute shirt!


In the Jewelry Box, a thread with the title “Sharing my Excitement” is bound to be wonderful, and CrystalDreamer’s new Ceylon sapphire certainly is that. This unique ring has a special quality you will not want to miss, so do drop in the Jewelry box to see this and heaps more brilliant bling. Heaps!


We have noticed that on the PurseForum, the question “which one should I keep?” usually is answered, “Keep both.” If you want to see what we mean, check into 99daffodils’ thread in the Jewelry Box. We stand in solidarity with our PurseForum family and agree–keep both!

Our Jewelry subforums are world-class showcases of the most incredible jewelry, and they’re definitely worth a peek.


Over in Arts and Crafts, we paid a visit to our thread dedicated to the phenomenally popular (and extremely soothing) adult coloring book movement. We loved this mandala fish mashup from Sugarstained, who chose colored pencils as her medium. If you haven’t tried this relaxing way to while away the time, drop into this thread to get up to speed on the best books and mediums to get you started.


We couldn’t resist sharing this find with you, too. Last week we had a look a the ValentinoGlam Lock, and this week, while enjoying some time with the gang in Mulberry, we stumbled across this bi-color Glam Lock in the Non-Mulberry purchases thread. We know you love the “cheating on your favorite brand” threads as much as we do, and we thought this was a must-see for all you Valentino fans. Thanks for sharing, LoveHeart!


And speaking of color, look what we found in the New Miss Dior Promenade thread this week: Leooh chose this terrific teal for the pouch, and we love it. This nice shade will be a handy pop of color in any season, and it’s just the first of several member reveals in this informative thread. Rowy65 was not far behind with her pretty, peachy-pink selection, and the reveals just keep coming in this fast-moving thread.


The “your bag in action” genre of PurseForum conversations is one of our favorites because seeing our members styling their bags really speaks to the heart of what PurseForum is all about–expressing our style. The Diors in Action thread always has lovely action shots, andthis one from diana27arvi really struck a chord with us. The Lady Dior is often thought of as such a structured, iconically formal bag, but this fun ensemble and playful pose really rings our bell: a true expression of individual style, indeed!


Ahhh, the SLG! Small Leather Goods are the points of entry for shoppers at so many brands–the little jewels that steal our hearts and bring us back in for the bags later on. This sweet cardcase from Goyard is brought to us by ems1198, and we agree that this tiny ambassador of the brand is a great way to start! SunkistCaliKid also shared a nice reveal in Goyard this week; highlights include a sharp Senat MM that is a perfect way to tote documents in high style.


We were happy to spot an Anjou Reversable Tote this week; our members have been eyeing this line for some time, and this week we noticed Winwin123’s reveal from earlier in October.This really is a sharp idea, and we love the convenience of two totes in one.

That’s it for this week. These weekly roundups hit some highlights but barely scratch the surface of what goes on at the PurseForum. Our little home-away-from-home is, as our members well know, about so much more than fashion. Our members gather to discuss celebrities, work and career, health and fitness, relationships and everything else under the sun. We hope to see you there!

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