Tom Ford Alix Small Zip & Padlock Crossbody: The Ford Effect

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Tom Ford Bag

Ways to spot a Tom Ford bag: Number one is at least a touch of tough-as-nails hardware that resembles solid gold. Always consider the possibility of a baby padlock or oversized zipper. Number two is bold structure, whether featuring hard, strong lines or seemingly inspired by a woman’s curves. And third, of course, is sex appeal up the wazoo.

So if anyone could make a little, wallet-inspired crossbody bag look like it’s jam-packed with sensuality, it’s one Tom Ford. This slim little bag is cute, compact, and with an even slimmer detachable strap, it’s great for busy days when you don’t need to carry much. With the assistance of both a teeny padlock and a magnified zipper, this pebbled leather mini bag also has a hint of Ford’s signature S&M-esque edge.

Pair with: When it comes to mid-winter getaways, you can’t go wrong with packing a breezy pair of espadrilles. Coming in at 5.5”,Gucci’s striped wedges are a bold take on a boho-preppy style. 

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