Laura Sanchez hits the beach for the July 2018 issue of ELLE Vietnam. Photographer Olga Rubio Dalmau captures the brunette beauty in designer swimwear looks. Styled by Laia Gomez, Laura poses in trendy bikinis including stripes, ruffles and logo details. The leggy stunner models designs from labels such as Calvin Klein, Chanel and Louis Vuitton.

Laura Sanchez Models Swimsuit Season Looks for ELLE Vietnam

Laura Sanchez Models Swimsuit Season Looks for ELLE Vietnam

Laura Sanchez Models Swimsuit Season Looks for ELLE Vietnam

Laura Sanchez Models Swimsuit Season Looks for ELLE Vietnam

Laura Sanchez Models Swimsuit Season Looks for ELLE Vietnam

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Photo: Unsplash
Photo: Unsplash

The one thing that is constant is change, even in fashion. In fact, fashion trends always change from season to season—so what may be trendy for summer will inevitably go out of style come autumn. Smart fashionistas know that, while this is true, there are certain types of clothing and accessories that never go out of style.

Timeless fashion trends tend to be classic, and they withstand the test of time because they fit everyone—regardless of body type, age, or skin tone. Additionally, they are time savers too because you no longer have to think about styling them because they look great on their own no matter what. 

If you’re here looking to save money by investing in worthwhile fashion pieces or if you want to look for something that works every time, you’ve come to the right place. Here are five fashion trends that never go out of style.


Every man or woman should have a classic white button-down shirt or two in their closet. They are a fashion staple because they can be used as a foundation for various wardrobes, and their versatility is endless. They can be paired with dress pants, jeans, leggings, skirts, and even khaki shorts.

Simply put, they are a clothing piece that can transform your ensemble into anything with the right bottoms, accessories, and shoes. Additionally, these shirts can be bought anywhere.


Everyone wants to opt for a generic coat, but smart buyers know that leather jackets are where it’s at. It is the perfect form of outerwear for men and women and can go with almost anything. High-quality leather jackets offer style, protection, and comfort, so you never go wrong with wearing it no matter where you go.

Buying leather jackets is a smart investment. You should know that you are expected to pay a lot for those made with genuine leather because they last long and offer a high level of utility. They can be worn for years and years, and you won’t see signs of fray, ripping, tearing, or unraveling just as long as you keep them in good condition, of course. Your vintage tote bags, belts, and other leather products will also outlast any wear if you take care of them in a similar manner. 

Since its inception, the leather fabric only became more and more popular, and it’s here to stay. It is a useful material that won’t be going off the radar anytime soon. If you’re looking for high-quality leather wallets, head on over to GGG for a great selection.


Everyone needs a good pair of denim jeans no matter if you are into skirts, dress pants, shorts, loungewear, or even suits. Whether you like it or not, it goes with anything.

Additionally, jeans are always a perfect backup for when you run out of clothes to wear, and they’re long-lasting, so they don’t need to be washed after every use. This is not to say that they shouldn’t be laundered ever; it means that they can go for several days to a few weeks of being worn and you won’t have any problems.

It is a timeless fashion trend because it looks good on anyone. When shopping for a pair of jeans, make sure to get proper-fitting ones and that they have the right amount of stretch. If you’re unsure which type of denim to get, dark denim is always a safe and good choice.


Since their inception, white sneakers only became more and more popular. They’re versatile footwear, and they’re here to stay. Why? They go with almost any outfit and can be used every day, from commuting in the city, going to work, meeting up for dinner, running errands, having drinks with friends, and more.


While a watch is an item mostly known for being a staple in men’s style, women should also invest in high-quality timepieces. It is a myth that watches have become irrelevant in the twenty-first century with smartphones and gadgets dominating people’s lives. As a functional accessory, it adds class and elegance to any outfit. 


As it so happens that some of the clothes in your closet are no longer the hottest things around or your preferences have changed, don’t be too quick to throw your outfits away. You can sell clothes online and make money while freeing up space in your closet, or you can repurpose your clothes into some other functional pieces you can use, like jeans turned into bags or old shirts patched into quilts.


Not everyone has an impeccable fashion sense, so it is not at all bad to get advice from those who know what they are doing. The items mentioned here are just some of the most basic clothing pieces that everyone should have.

It is best to spend some time to learn about fashion so that you can confidently buy clothes that you know will look good in and cultivate good fashion sense. Timeless outfits and trends are capable of letting the wearer look in style and sharp no matter the time or season.

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Hello Saint Laurent Grenelle Bag. Or should we say; the Hermes Bolide Bag? Well, we’re not saying that it’s a copy of the Bolide. But the shapes of these two bags do look quite similar, doesn’t it?

The name Grenelle comes from a neighborhood in the southwestern Paris in France. This neighborhood is a part of the 15th arrondissement of the city.

We do think that the Grenelle Bag is another stunning handbag. It looks classic and can be carried in all occasions. So it’s a great investment.

The Design


The Grenelle Bag is crafted with a trapezoid shape with round and curvy finishing. The shape is gorgeous and feminine, it’s never boring. The most stylish way to carry this bag through its handle by hand. It’s also possible to carry on the shoulder or cross body via the long leather strap.

What’s really useful about the Grenelle Bag is the generous interior. There is a lot of space inside, thus making it ideal as workbag or a daily bag.

The center top is printed the house’s logo in small lettering that reads: ‘Saint Laurent Paris’. However, it also comes with a luggage tag featuring the house’s signature YSL logo.

What’s more? It’s available in different leathers including the ultra-chic croc embossed. And for the most timeless look, it’s also exclusively made in solid colors like the classic black. So what do you think?

The Interior


The bag is quite large, so the interior is spacious. Inside you will find the main compartment including a zip pocket. The size is large enough to store basic essentials, but also a laptop or documents for work. The Grenelle Bag is definitely made for the busy woman.

The Prices And Sizes

Measuring 16 x 33 x 25 (D x W x H) cm, the strap is 46 cm long and the handle 11 cm. It’s priced at $18900 HKD, $2750 USD, €1890 EUR, £1620 GBP

Where To Shop The Saint Laurent Grenelle Bag?

1. Farfetch – you can find the Grenelle Bag exclusively here…

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Other Brands

Sara Sampaio graces the pages of PORTER Magazine’s 2018 Summer Escape issue. The Portuguese model poses in vacation-ready looks for a fashion spread. Photographed by Hanna Tveite, Sara embraces casually luxe fashions including denim and breezy dresses. Stylist Helen Broadfootpairs the looks with layered jewelry as well as woven handbags.

Sara Sampaio Wears Getaway Styles for PORTER Magazine

Sara Sampaio Wears Getaway Styles for PORTER Magazine

Sara Sampaio Wears Getaway Styles for PORTER Magazine

Sara Sampaio Wears Getaway Styles for PORTER Magazine

Sara Sampaio Wears Getaway Styles for PORTER Magazine

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Other Brands

Luping Wang stars in Giorgio Armani's fall-winter 2018 campaign
Luping Wang stars in Giorgio Armani’s fall-winter 2018 campaign

Giorgio Armani enlists photographer Sarah Moon once again for its fall-winter 2018 campaign. The advertisements exude ethereal vibes with their dreamlike quality. Armani taps models Luping Wang, Sibui, Nastya Sten, Maxime Daunay and Tony Thornburg for the shoot. Set to debut in international publications this month, the campaign spotlights the Italian label’s signature tailoring. Primary colors of red and blue stand out for the women while men wear elegant separates.

Related: Barbara Palvin is All Smiles for Armani’s Di Gioia Fragrance Campaign


Giorgio Armani launches fall-winter 2018 campaign
Giorgio Armani launches fall-winter 2018 campaign
An image from Giorgio Armani's fall 2018 advertising campaign
An image from Giorgio Armani’s fall 2018 advertising campaign
Giorgio Armani taps Tony Thornburg for fall-winter 2018 campaign
Giorgio Armani taps Tony Thornburg for fall-winter 2018 campaign

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Alphabet in high fashion? We might think that it is a new playful line, but Celine kept the style serious. The Alphabet Collection was first introduced in the Spring Summer 2018 Collection and it consisted only the Multifunctional Wallet. But now it’s the moment to expand, therefore the Celine Alphabet Clutch Pouch has been created for the Fall 2018 Collection.

The Design


The Alphabet Multifunctional Wallet is embellished with letters on the body. However, the Alphabet Clutch Pouch is designed with a letter charm. We can personalize the pouch by selecting the letter of our choice. Naturally if your name starts with the P, we can pick the letter ‘P’ charm.

Despite the fun name, Celine kept the style minimalistic as its available in single colors. The house’s signature is printed on the top. This pouch is made from smooth lambskin for the luxurious experience.

The Interior

Zip the pouch open to store your essentials inside. There are also two card slots crafted in the interior. And the inside is lined with calfskin.

The Sizes And Prices

Measuring 10’ x 7’ inches, the letter charm is made from brass and is 0.8’ inch in length. Priced at $620 USD, €420 EUR, £385 GBP, $800 SGD, $4850 HKD, $770 AUD, ¥67000 JPY, 4550 CNY via Celine boutiques.

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