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I’m Head Over Heels for Prada’s Daino Bags

Ten years ago marks the release of one of my favorite films, The Proposal. If you haven’t seen it, it’s an excellent rom-com that I cannot recommend to you more. It’s the perfect choice if you’re in the mood for an easy, feel-good movie. I loved it so much that I saw it twice in theaters, which is hard to believe was a decade ago. The movie boasts a star-studded cast, with none other than Sandra Bullock, Ryan Reynolds, Betty White, Craig Nelson, Denis O’Hare, Mary Steenburgen, Malin Akerman, and my personal favorite (and obviously the biggest star of the film), Sandra’s Prada bag. Sandra plays the uptight Margaret, who despite her rigid tendencies, happens to have fabulous tastes in handbags. Margaret wears an absolutely divine Prada Cervo Antik shopper tote and an orange Birkin bag throughout the film, and to say I had bag envy would be a colossal understatement. Margaret’s character may have had major flaws, but her handbag and fashion taste were not part of them.

Obviously, I admired the Birkin bag, but truthfully, that Prada Cervo Antik tote captured my heart. I’m a Birkin fan, but the laid back vibe of the Cervo Antik tote really spoke to me and my personal style, more so than the structured look of the Birkin. Cervo Antik leather is made of deerskin, a leather that isn’t used on bags as often as cowhide or other exotic skin materials, such as croc, ostrich, or snakeskin. Deerskin is known to be more delicate than other more commonly used leathers, however, the treatment of the Prada Cervo Antik leather is durable enough that the bag can be worn regularly. You may have to baby your bag a little more than your cowhide or coated canvas bags, but that is the price you often pay for beauty.

While doing a little innocent online browsing, I came across a Prada bag that looked SO similar to the bag Sandra B wore in The Proposal. You know that feeling when you have an instant burning desire for a bag? Yep, that was me in that moment. I must have stared at the bag for 15 minutes straight and gone down a deep rabbit hole of google searching images of the bag Sandra wore 10 years ago. The similarities are uncanny, although I do have some questions about how close of a match it is to the bag from the movie. The bag is called the Prada Daino tote, which quite literally translates to “Prada fallow deer tote”, however, the material of the bag is listed online as calfskin. The name of the bag would leave me to believe it is deerskin, however, I can’t argue that the material listed is calfskin. Either way, I’m still loving the design of this handbag. You can actually purchase several styles of the Daino bags from Prada right now, so if you are a fan of the aesthetics of this bag, I highly recommend going for it! I am loving the Tote, the Shopper, and the Hobo, but if you prefer smaller bags, there are several smaller options available as well. I loved the bag from The Proposal so much, so naturally, I would opt for a tan color to twin with Margaret. Deerskin or calfskin, the design is close enough for me!

Not only do I love the Daino bags because of The Proposal, but the classic look of these bags transcends time. Often times I will be attracted to a bag because it is trendy with cool hardware or prints, but the leather is the star of this Prada bag. I’m not often drawn to bags just because of the quality of the leather (I usually need another detail to draw me in and seal the deal), but the Daino leather is so luscious and rich-looking. I just want to run my hands over the smooth leather all day (is that weird?).

Did anyone else love The Proposal as much as I did? Do you remember Sandra’s bag too?!

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Prada Daino Zip Tote($1,920)

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Prada Daino Shopper($1,790)

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Prada Daino Hobo($1,870)

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Prada Daino Hobo($1,350)